Game on with completion of new astro turf pitch for Ulidia

Pupils are already enjoying the new astro turf pitch at Ulidia Integrated College, Carrickfergus, with hopes that first teaching in the new school can begin in the autumn term.

Significant progress is being made in the construction of the impressive three-storey, 10,314m2 building at Victoria Road, led by Hamilton Architects. This development is set to accommodate 43 classrooms and additional facilities, catering to approximately 700 students.

The Fresh Start programme is supporting funding for the project including cutting-edge 3G pitches, a state-of-the-art Technology and Design suite, a designated study and wellbeing area for Sixth Form students, and a new library boasting breathtaking views overlooking Belfast Lough.

“Ulidia’s current buildings were built to house only around two thirds of the current population of the College and are no longer fit for purpose,” said principal Michael Houston. “The build is much needed to meet the demands of our broad curriculum which offers both Grammar and All Ability Pathways for learning.

“Ulidia Integrated College is working hard to ensure that our young people get the best possible educational opportunities in Northern Ireland, and this stunning new building will help us get a step closer to that goal.

“Although Ulidia remains heavily oversubscribed, it is important to note that this build will cater for our current numbers, giving them the facilities and classrooms that other similar sized schools already have.”

Mr Houston added: “These are exciting times for Ulidia Integrated College and for integrated education in the Carrickfergus area.”

To see a video of the latest progress on Ulidia Integrated College, click here.