Hamilton Legacy Project Portfolio

Brownlow House Exhibition Works, Craigavon, Co Armagh

Brownlow House 12 reduce

Brownlow House is a Grade A listed building which was constructed in 1833 by Scottish architect William Henry Playfair for Charles Brownlow, 1st Baron Lurgan and his family.

The house acted as the base for American troops in Northern Ireland during WW2 and the Exhibition Works called for the preparation of dilapidated areas on the lower ground floor to accommodate a permanent commemorative exhibition.

“The exhibition provides a year-round opportunity for visitors to relive the arrival of 4,000 US troops in 1942,” said Paul Millar, Partner. “At its peak, 120,000 GIs were based in Northern Ireland, creating great excitement among the local population.

“Displays of artifacts, including replica weapons and army paraphernalia, are augmented by interactive screens, life-size interactive projections, audio soundscapes, over 60 graphic panels and costume dress-up.

“During works, care was taken to ensure that original wainscoting and lath and plaster wall linings were retained and historic markings, including graffiti by the American troops, was incorporated into the exhibition.”

Hamilton Architects worked closely with our M&E consultants, contractor and interpretative exhibition designers to ensure services were delivered without impacting on the existing fabric and provided input for the Economic Appraisal submitted to the main funder, ABC District Council.