St Mary’s + Glenravel = Perfect Peace!

St Marys Glenravel

Hamilton Architects have been granted planning approval for a nine classroom, 1,975m2, school building for 250 pupils at Mary Queen of Peace Primary School at Glenravel, Ballymena.

The proposed development will facilitate the amalgamation of two existing schools, St Mary’s Primary of Cargan and Glenravel Primary of Martinstown.

A bespoke design pays tribute to the building’s rural vernacular. A distinctive barn style multi -purpose hall is prominent in the landscape, with classroom blocks in subtle pitched roof echoing the area’s traditional housing.

The multi-purpose hall, with a full product kitchen adjacent, acts as a formal dining room. There are also three large resource areas and a central glazed octagon which engages the interior of the school with the outdoors. A series of staff facilities is provided, including three multi-purpose rooms.

Included are formal play areas on both hard and soft surfaces and an external play store for equipment, along with 29 parking spaces for staff and visitors and a designated drop-off area for junior school.

A footpath will be created to establish a walking route from the main road into Martinstown, linking the school with its local community.