Fowl with Five Virtues Rings in 2017! Hamilton Architects Support Chinese Community Family Party

Happy New Year – The Chinese Way
Paul Hamilton (second left), Partner Hamilton Architects, pictured with Frankie Ho, vice chair of the CWA, and (right) William Olphert, MD, and Chair Danny Wong.
Hamilton Architects, as sponsors of the Chinese New Year celebrations, enjoyed taking part in a family party on the official last day of the new year at the Chinese Welfare Association in Belfast.

The CWA – designed by Hamilton – was packed with Chinese people of all ages, along with representatives of the Polish and Roma community, for an afternoon of cultural exhibitions.

William Olphert, MD of the CWA, along with Chair Danny Wong and Vice Chair Frankie Ho, welcomed Partner Paul Millar, who made a short speech extending good wishes to the Chinese community in Northern Ireland.

Paul said: “Over a decade ago, Hamilton Architects were asked to design this, the first dedicated Chinese Welfare Association in the UK. It was an honour for us to do so and we hope you like what we did!

“We did not foresee all those years ago that we would be back here today, participating in the New Year celebrations with you, but we are very glad to be here and to have enjoyed a very long and happy association with the Chinese community in Northern Ireland.

“This is, as you know, the Year of the Rooster - the fowl with five virtues: literary talent, military prowess, courage, benevolence and trustworthiness. I like to think those are some of the qualities - except for the military prowess of course! - which we try to exemplify in our business and in how we deal with our clients on a daily basis.

“And, of course, we count our Chinese friends as among our clients. We hope we will continue to work alongside, and in support of, the Chinese community, for many years to come. Zhin Nian Kwei Le!”
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